Bug protection

Bugs can ruin a nice outing. But modern, thin and light but tightly woven clothes can protect most of your body. To that can be added chemicals or netting. This is discussed more in detail in this chapter of the book.
Sometimes a head net is necessary. This one has double function as a stuff sack.

Bug protection is even more essential at night, an the ultra light tent above gives execellent protection with its screen door. It also gives you the feeling of being outside on a beautiful summer evening. Gossamer Gear The One, 490 grams (17 oz).

This homemade tarptent also contains a homemade bivy/innertent/bugtent that can be used in conjunction with all kinds of tarps and tarptents.

Comments and new insights: Biting insects can be bad enough, but there are small, flying insects that drive you insane because of their numbers. If they also bite insects it is even worse, but it can very often be that they only want to become intimate with your nostrils, eyelids and eardrums. Chemical repellents seem less than effective against these small brethren. So when there is a risk of encounters like that I bring a thin and light headnet made from noseeum mesh. It is a bag that fits over my beaked cap and is snugly fitted around my collar. When not in that position it is a packbag for odds and ends in my kitchen; like burner, spoon and things like that. Sometimes you can find a suitable bag like this in the supermarket; originally made for putting small stuff into before they go in the washing machine. It is a bag like that you see in the photo above. Not all those bags keeps you safe from the smallest insects, though.